If there was ever a place that could inspire any of us to go beyond, it is the Yealands Seaview Estate in Seddon. 

Helen Simpson & Jim Tannock


The beginning of Beyond...

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All Prints are $850



I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. All along in life, I have crossed paths with individuals whom either actively or unknowingly have acted as sign-posts or deliberately shined a light on the road ahead. I now know my work comes from an intrinsic desire to reach out. Having worked with Peter Yealands & Peter Yealands Wines out at Seaview since 2008, continually I am inspired by the combination of the land alongside Peter’s vision. Creating this body of work with Helen & Danielle has been a privilege. This work represents the frequency I tune into when standing alone, out on the hills at Seaview while the sun drags the last light across the hills, the wind pirouettes through the valleys, the sea filling the air with the smell of now and then.


Already embracing the artist within, as a child I found myself endlessly fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow surrounding me.  Absorbed by the discovery of abstract images in the unlikeliest of places, I grew to love the subtle complexity of chiaroscuro and encaustic painting.  Equally moved by the potency of the written word, I quickly became an avid reader.  My earliest memories being of Robert Frost’s iconic Nature’s First Green Is Gold in S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders. Born in Marlborough, New Zealand, I temporarily left the top of the South Island in 1990 to pursue my burgeoning artistic passion, attending Art School in Taranaki.  Here, notable painter and poet, Tom Kreisler, was to prove a lasting influence upon my attitude towards my work.  Characteristically innovative in his creativity, Tom continually encouraged his students to question the boundaries that defined their approach. Successfully exhibiting since 1995, I have presented collections both in New Zealand and internationally.  Winning the Peter Doig Supreme Art Award in 2006 was a particular highlight and a catalyst for an extensive range of memorable new projects.  I continue to accept private and corporate commissions. When invited to join the collaboration of Beyond as artistic curator, I greatly relished the opportunity to explore the unique potential of marrying the visual and literary genres that have always so captivated me.  From the very beginning, embryonic ideas became an extraordinary synergy of different perspectives inspired by Seaview and a shared commitment to venturing down a new road.


For Yealands Family Wines, beyond has always been so much more than a guiding philosophy. The day founder and self-confessed dreamer, Peter Yealands, first came over the ridge to catch a glimpse of Seaview, what he saw stole his breath away.  Ever since, beyond has been a destination captured in the hearts of all who have followed Peter in the work of his internationally-renowned company. Established on 08.08.08, the Yealands name has remained synonymous with exceptional wines crafted with integrity.  Home to the most sustainable winery in the world, Seaview Estate has never been merely a vineyard - rather a way of life. 


A place of belonging.

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